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Project Description

Quark is a lighweight, flexible, high performance service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation framework for Microsoft Dotnet.
A central focus of Quark is to allow for highly reusable, encapsulated business and domain model that are not tied to Dotnet Enterprise Services.

We are currently looking for collaborators. If you have rich experience in writing generic framework or enterprise application, please contact me at live messenger (


  • Complete SOA architecture (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Naming service and resource routing framework
  • Complete IoC framework (Inversion of Control)
  • Simple AOP framework (Aspect Oriented Programming)
  • Workflow integration framework for WF (Windows Workflow Foundation)
  • Abstract distributed object communication framework with WCF
  • Includes ORM framework
  • Includes logging framework
  • SLA support (Service Level Agreement)
  • Dynamic load balancing support
  • Support for large-scale enterprise application
  • High performance implementation
  • Full separation of interface and implementation for high extensibility

Project Roadmap

Quark 0.1 (We are here!)

  • The draft of architecture and design
  • Core framework and initial implementation

Quark 0.5

  • Full implementation of the core framework
  • Workflow integration
  • SLA implementation

Quark 0.8

  • Full implementation of all framework
  • Performance tuning

Quark 1.0

  • Implementation of load balancing
  • Toolkits and management consoles for enterprise application developing

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